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SWOLE Kreate


PREWREK™ Ultimate Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

I took Prewrek about 30 mins before workin out (make sure you shake container before each use). It was pretty good. Also only use one scoop for your first three workouts to judge tolerance. The great thing about this product is the rush of energy you get from it. Definitely helps with endurance and recover and it tastes great its not bitter or sour like other pre-workout supplements.

- Michael B, West Palm Beach FL
PREWREK™ Ultimate Pre-Workout Fruit Punch
I started using this a couple weeks ago, and it definitely gives you a boost in energy. Make sure you stick with the recommended dosages at first though, it's just a little scoop and I thought I could start with 1 and 1/2 scoops at first because I have a high tolerance. I was wrong, this stuff is powerful. When used right, this stuff gets you ready to work, focus and you don't want to stop.- Bo C, Kent WA
PREWREK™ Ultimate Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

This product is by far one of the best pre workout Ive ever used. Seriously. I tried many and stuck with the big brands for a long time. This is similar without the jitters and great focus. You dont have to chug a frothy awful mixture. Nice taste, strong effects with far less product.

- James M, Verdunville WV
PREWREK™ Ultimate Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

I don't get that uncomfortable warm feeling on this product, and the energy seems to be a lot more clean than a few others I've tried. The biggest difference is my focus, it makes me want to stay in the gym longer. Helps me get in the zone. I like that Swole gave me some free samples from their post on Facebook, really cool. Thanks guys.

- Steven J, Boulder CO
PREWREK™ Ultimate Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

Tried the Green Apple Prewrek and the first thing I noticed was it was delicious! After about 30 mins I got to the gym and I noticed the drive I had to lift, and lift, and LIFT!! I was 100% focused for my entire hour and half monday of chest and tries. Amazing pump and energy throughout my whole workout, cardio and all. No complaints at all with this product!

- Billy F, Fort Myers FL
PREWREK™ Ultimate Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

Just took my first serving of PreWrek today. Dude the taste is awesome! I took it about 45 minutes before my 30 mile lunch ride. I had a phenomenal ride. I ripped through it and felt awesome! Maybe the best I’ve felt on the bike & considering I was still sore from 9 and 6 mile runs the previous days, my energy level was incredible and got me through just fine.

- Jeremy R, Denver CO
PREWREK™ Ultimate Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

I used to take EVOLVE really liked it, so I tried the PREWREK too. Your products really are worth the money! Just like your other product, after thirty minutes when it was time to work out I felt like I could run faster and farther than anyone alive! I can't imagine working out without it!

- Theresa, Pensacola FL
WHEY SWOLE Cookies N Cream
As a professional fighter and college student, my nutrition is very important. WHEY SWOLE helps get me through both my grueling workouts and the long days of class. My muscle growth and recovery is definitely improved since I started using Swole. It is honestly one of the best tasting proteins I have ever had, and the price still fits my budget.- Robby M, Cincinnati, OH
WHEY SWOLE Cookies N Cream
I use whey swole every day. It's very easy to mix, doesn't clump up even without a blender or shaker. It's great for a quick post workout shake or even better in a homemade smoothy. I can see a noticeable difference in my lean mass when I take this protein over other ones with more carbs or sugars.- Thomas L, Salem OR
WHEY SWOLE Cookies N Cream
This stuff tastes great and dissolves fully in a shaker-no blending needed. It leaves me less sore when used after workout especially on my chest days. I like it with milk but it's still good in water, especially with some ice. The cookie pieces are really good, it's pretty cool that you used cookies and still keep it lean.- Frank R, Brooklyn NY
WHEY SWOLE Cookies N Cream
I like using this protein for post-workout meals, it is important to get protein in quick after the gym. Also I usually drink some before bed. It mixes great with cold water and does not clump up. I think it tastes better than many protein powders I have tried in the past, especially since it does not have that fake taste or smell.- Ben W, Tampa FL
WHEY SWOLE Cookies N Cream
I would highly recommend this protein to anyone. It has great taste (I have tried both flavors but like the cookies one the best) and it mixes well with just water. I was really happy that it doesnt have a chaulky taste and that it mixes up pretty quickly. I like to make it with ice, fruit and some low fat yogurt the blender to make a high protein milkshake, thats the best!- Richard H, Glenview IL
KREATE Creatine Powerhouse
This stuff rocks.. I haven't found a better creatine/test booster product, there are not many of these even available. And the only side affects are that my gym might have to buy more weights :)- Todd S, Melrose Park IL
KREATE Creatine Powerhouse

Great product. I'm on my last week and have seen significant signs of improvement. I've packed on about 8 lbs but the look is what I'm most pleased with. I actually look bigger than I am. All my workout routines have jumped up at least 10-15 lbs. Works great when i take with Prewrek before the gym.

- Marc P, Camas WA
KREATE Creatine Powerhouse
I have tried most Creatines out there (Creatine Monohydrate,Creatine Ethyl Ester,etc) in the past. When I first saw this new Creatine with natural test boosters from Swole, I was very interested as it was one of first I have seen with any kind of test booster attached to Kre-Alkalyn. I would recommend this to anyone who wants A+ product, very cool.- Cody C, Orlando FL