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Ryan is a certified personal trainer, bodybuilder, strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist for various professional athletes and is currently the head trainer for MMA Star Tim Boetsch #TeamSwole

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The Benefits of Whey Protein

If you’re just getting started on a workout program, you likely have many questions about supplements. One of the most commonly used supplements in the fitness and bodybuilding world is protein—a vital component for anyone looking to increase muscle mass. The muscles in the body are made primarily of proteins, and rigorous exercise creates micro-tears in the muscle fibers, which then have to rebuild themselves. Protein allows the body to do this quickly and efficiently. One of the most common questions that come up in training is:

“What is the best form of protein?”

There are multiple kinds of protein out there, depending on what your needs are. Soy protein and whey protein are the most well-known supplemental protein formulas, though of course many foods include protein as a component as well. For this article, we’ll focus on the benefits of whey protein products, including Swole whey protein.

Whey protein is extracted from milk, after lactose and casein are taken. There are three basic types of whey protein that are on the market: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate. The first, WPC, contains low levels of fat and high levels of carbohydrates. WPI are processed to remove all of the fat and lactose; WPI is usually at least 90% protein. WPH is considered to be the “predigested” form of whey protein, as it has already undergone partial hydrolysis—the process necessary for the body to absorb protein. The best forms for those looking to use whey protein to enhance their efforts at working out are whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate. Whey protein isolate comes in a variety of products and has the concentrated protein your body needs to get the maximum benefits. The real added perk for WPH whey is that if you get cramps or discomfort from whey, it can minimize this.

There are multiple benefits to using products like Swole whey protein. Studies have shown that whey protein users are more prone to losing body fat and preserving lean muscle mass. Other studies have found that men who supplement with the best whey protein have a greater relative gain in lean tissue mass, compared to those who didn’t use whey protein in their diets. Some preliminary findings in recent research have demonstrated that whey protein may also help the immune system, as well as lowering cholesterol. One study even pointed to the potential of whey protein to help in the treatment of cancer, as a substance that helps the body actively combat the disease.

Overall, there are multiple benefits to individuals who use whey protein as part of their workout and diet changes in the journey to developing their bodies. The best whey protein is relatively easy to digest and has low amounts of carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. Do your research before purchasing whey protein or any other products—some companies market themselves as fitness supplement manufacturers, but their products aren’t always as up-front about what’s in them or how it works. Swole whey protein is a good product to start with, being straightforward in dosing and with no complicated fillers. 

Updates from the Barbarian and the Wizard

This week the Barbarian and I will be interviewed for “The countdown to UFC 149” that will be aired on FUEL television in promotion of Tim’s upcoming fight. The Barbarian also had an awesome spread in UFC magazines latest issue. Tim has been working extra hard for his fight against Micheal Bisping and has been advancing incredibly in everything he is doing.  All of the media is still surreal for the Barbarian team, but not surprising knowing Tim had the attitude he would do whatever it takes to get to the top.

I am been training hard and have taken the liberty to hire a bodybuilding coach for my next show.  I do feel in order to advance at anything, you need to expand your team and take on new challenges.  My training partner Connie and I want to do a show together as she will celebrate her 50th birthday and I will celebrate my 30th.  Thanks to Swole Sports Nutrition, Tim, myself, and Connie will continue to rise to the top in everything we are doing!

Ryan's Blog "Thought of the Week"

This is my blog “Thought of the week” for you Swole fans.  One of my biggest fears when I evolved from my bodybuilding career to my profession was that I would lose my “Demon”.  By that, I mean the gift that I was given to succeed in what I do.  I actually have a Demon tattooed on my back to remind me of what got me to where I am today, which has been my insane hard work ethic.  Whatever I do, I need to be better than my competition no matter what it is.  I sacrifice whatever it is at the time to always be better than the next person. Truth be told, I have never really lost that edge as “professional” as I became.  I may have evolved as a human being in terms of being more generous, increasing my credentials, etc but I never truly lost my edge.  There is nothing more I love than to train with training partners “Connie or Tim’ and crank Metallica, taking my body to stresses it never seen before.

As many of you know, I am the celebrity trainer of UFC star Tim Boetsch who has an upcoming fight against Michael Bipsing.  I always emphasize to Tim that we are the best people we can be 23 hours out of the day.  The other hour is when we deal with the gift the lord has blessed us with, and that is anger and aggression.  Everyday I challenge Tim to get better at something whether it’s training, nutrition, sleep, spiritual, whatever.   In order to be one of the best in the world you need to have a mind so crisp and indestructible, you almost don’t feel human rather than a machine.  Training is and has always been our therapy.  No matter whom you are or what you do, always take one hour to yourself and train something like you to do whether it is hiking, yoga, etc.  I never expect people to train like Tim and I do.  Truth be told I always said we just capitalized off being psycho paths.  However, challenge yourself to get better each and everyday at something.  Other people and your body both will love you for it.  If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else.


How to train a World Class Athlete

Tim "The Barbarian" Boetsch has officially started training camp for his up and coming fight in Las Vegas against top contender middleweight Michael Bisping.  Currently, we are enhancing the Barbarian’s power and anaerobic systems in his strength and conditioning training. Tim is doing a great job regulating his body composition by maintaining a decent structured diet.  His nutrition regime consists of a fairly high caloric intake of good quality Carbs/Proteins/Fats along with keeping a good aerobic/Vo2 capacity.  I can’t give away all the specific secrets, but I can say I have Tim’s main protein sources coming from venison, elk, and fresh caught rainbow trout.  The “Barbarian Diet”, along with Swole’s top of the line sports nutrition supplements are keeping Tim at a solid 215lbs. In order to keep The Barbarian big and strong we need to have a good offseason program as well as in season.

Every fight we re assess where we are at with Tim’s body systems and understand what we want to focus on to get to the next level.  We also need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the next opponent and manipulate what we need to do going into camps.  What many people don’t know is that I learn something new about Tim every single fight. Aspects specific to Tim’s training such as his fitness levels, body composition, muscle imbalances, metabolic rate, fluid fluctuation, stress adaptation, recovery systems, DOMS “Delayed onset muscle soreness”, protein synthesis, and many over variables which makes dynamic fitness and nutrition specific for the Barbarian only. 

Once you understand fitness and nutrition on an “elite” level, you understand how pointless things such as P90x , south beach diet, crossfit, etc. really are.  Having a Master’s degree and pursing my PH.D, it is my duty to study Tim as specific as possible to make him above everyone else with fitness and nutrition in the UFC.  I don’t prescribe any program the same for any of my clients. Tim is known to be “freaky strong” as a middleweight, we want to keep improving on that.

Training one of the toughest guys in the world is not always easy.  Being that Tim is a Type 2 fiber type guy, he can very easily be over trained.  His nutrition program I change all of the time, literally everyday depending on response.  Understanding his fatigue points, stress responses, and other variables is important when working with Tim.  The fact of the matter is Tim would run through a brick wall if I told him, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that would be the best solution for his training.

We soon will be heading out west to AMC in Kirkland, Washington with legendary coach Matt Hume.  Please follow us @timboetsch and @ryanmatter as we prepare to take on top 5 middlweight Michael Bisping.

Relativity in Fitness and Nutrition….

I believe the hardest thing for people to understand with fitness and nutrition is what program specifically works for them.  I can quickly tell if someone knows what they are talking about with exercise and nutrition by the way they present themselves.  For example, the Barbarian and I were training the other day and a “know it all” guy was in the gym telling everyone he had the perfect program that would give them 6 pack abs.  He said you will lose your shoulders and arms, but you will have a ripped stomach.  I stopped paying attention to him when he said he eats good quality protein such as canned chicken and shrimp.  When I watched him bench press I literally assessed 14 different things he was doing wrong relative to his biomechanics and chuckled to myself.  The fact is all 3 of the kids would need totally different solutions to get abs. When someone says they have the perfect anything, I know they are the people who are most lost.  I find myself inquisitive after ever single one of my workout based upon numerous variables.

I work best as a health professional by studying an individual as specific as possible.  You would be surprised all of the stuff that runs through my head when I work with clients.  Fitness levels, metabolic rates, stress adaptations, somatotype, age, gender, hormone levels, vitamin levels, posture, neurological abilities, muscle imbalances, vo2, the list goes on forever.  When you understand exercise at my level you realize how different every one of us is created.  The worst thing people do is compare themselves to others.  When you become successful you realize it is You vs. You.

As many of you know I have worked with superstar UFC celebrity Athlete Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch for 3 years now and I still am learning new things about him every training camp.  Last training session we did I noticed he was not engaging his Vastus Lateralus on some of his leg movements.  We changed the mechanics and as always being the top level athlete he is, he quickly adjusted.  That little change in and of itself can generate a lot more power  in striking which will make him stronger and more balanced “God help the people who are fighting him”.

 The initial problem people encounter with me is that they think I have all the answers and look to me as a dictator.  Honestly I don’t have all of the answers, I learn everyday.   Personally, I do not endorse the whole Jillian Michaels’ approach of yelling and screaming at people in a boot camp fashion.  It is unnecessary and in my opinion extremely unprofessional. I will never label myself a stereotyped personal trainer.  Anyone can throw 500 pounds of rocks in a bookbag, yell at scream at someone and make them run until they puke.  The practicality of sustaining a program like that is impossible and may cause more damage than good.  But don’t worry, I can be nasty when need be J I work with literally the toughest people in the world.

  I have worked with hundreds-thousands of different people and I have never prescribed the same exact program for each.  There is certainly a science to exercise physiology but also a fine art when it comes to being dynamic in working with people.  The people who are most successful with me use me as a facilitator to know what they already know works for them.  The fact is no one knows themselves better than themselves.  I believe we always can improve and it doesn’t matter what age you are.  I am working with women in their 40’s and 50’s that would put some 20 year old guys to shame.  They literally get better each and every year.

When starting a program, people feel they are in the middle of a circle surrounded by all these possible weight loss solutions..  Programs such as Pilates, Yoga, P90x, personal training, Weight Watchers, fitness classes, marathons, etc.   Which one of these programs will work best for me and take me to where I need to be?

 First, one must identify their overall goal.  Do you want to work on aesthetics? Injuries? Weight loss? Health? Aerobic conditioning? Sports performance? More energy? Etc.  One must then understand their abilities, schedules, likes/dislikes of fitness and nutrition and so many other things.  Once you understand these variables you then adapt what works for you and create a lifestyle of it.  I don’t believe in 6-8 week programs that is a waste of time.  Honestly I think 1 year of training is absolutely nothing.

 If there is one thing I learned over the years you do not HAVE to do anything.  I think eating fish is  amazing but you don’t HAVE to eat it.  If you hate running and you want to lose weight you don’t HAVE to run.  If you have a shoulder or neck injury which limit you to do certain motions you don’t have to do exercises that will aggravate it. 

Most of all people have the wrong perception of training and nutrition as well.  They think you eat like a bird and exercise until you can’t anymore.  The fact is I feel most people don’t eat enough and often exercise too much.  One time I had a woman client I was training who could not gain any more results and had me stumped.  I assessed what we were doing and I didn’t know she was running 3 miles a night added onto our training we were already doing.  I increased her calories and made her stop running at night completely and she lost 2 inches off her waist in a week.  Women’s fitness and nutrition is extremely tricky, personally my favorite. 

I don’t want to confuse you all the first blog, but I want to put enough information out there to generate some questions and get you thinking.  There is always something you can be doing better to take you to the next level.  Thanks for tuning in and I can’t wait to start making people the best they can be!!!!  I really do think I can make you all look like you 


Welcome to the SWOLE Blog with Ryan Matter! Get Swole!

Hello Swole fanatics,

My name is Ryan Matter and I am proud to announce that I will be Swole Sport’s Nutrition’s Featured Blogger.  I will be writing weekly blogs on topics such as nutrition, fitness, supplements, and various health related topics.  This first blog I simply will be talking about who I am and what I have done in my professional career. 

Precision-Health-Fitness-Nutrition LLC is my company I established last year.  My business consists of “in home” personal training, online consulting, and worksite corporate wellness/ergonomic programs.  I am most known for being the nutritionist and trainer of UFC celebrity athlete Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch.  We are both Team Swole Athletes and we are proud to rep the best supplement company there is.  Tim has had a great career thus far with a professional record of 15 wins and 4 losses.  He previously fought at 205lbs (Light-heavy weight) and last year decided to drop to middleweight and fight smaller guys at 185lbs. (Middleweight). With wins over big name fighters such as Yushin Okami and Kendall Grove, we have really gained a big following of fans all over the world. The Barbarian’s huge come-back victory against 3rd ranked Yushin Okami in Japan was voted one of the best fights of the year, and a testament to his will power, training and conditioning.  Make sure you check back for updates as we prepare for our biggest fight thus far, against high ranked and respected Michael Bisping in Las Vegas on July 7, 2012.

On top of being a celebrity trainer, I also am a 2 time NPC bodybuilding champion with titles such as “ NPC - Pennsylvania Super Heavy Weight champion”.  I received my Mr. Pa title at 22 years old where I was the youngest person to ever win the open class. I also have received 2 USA national cards and a Pro “all natural” bodybuilding card from NGA.  I have appeared in numerous national magazines and have been published in various different journals over my athletic career.  Bodybuilding has really been good to me and I have been fortunate to be very successful in the competitive sport.

I have been very blessed in my athletic and professional career, but I credit all of it to my hard work and studies.  I have a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Lock Haven University and recently completed my Master’s degree from California University with a 3.9 GPA.  I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best in the world including Dr. Oz’s head fitness trainer and a world renowned clinical nutritionist.  In order to be on top you need to know what the best in the world knows.  My favorite topics to study are pathophysiology, strength training, fitness, biomechanics, pathology, women’s health, and more.  I have worked with a diverse group of clients over the years and have many insights on health related topics.  If there is one thing that I have learned in all my study is that all of us are so very different.

I look forward to educating you all as we start taking the proper steps to our dynamic training, fitness, and nutrition goals.  I will be writing blogs as well as doing some video blogging to show some visual concepts.  Welcome all to Team Swole, where we will be doing big things.

God bless you all,


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