Jan 19

SWOLEhistory – The History of the Bench Press

The bench press is probably one of the simplest and most effective exercises you can do, especially if you want to build a super chiseled chest striation. It is the best exercise for the upper body if you value improved [...]

Jan 16

Does it Help? – Drinking BCAAs During Workouts

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) have become popular because of their well-documented ability to increase muscle size. In fact, BCAAs and workouts seem to hand-in-hand. But BCAAs benefits go well beyond muscle growth. BCAAs consist of three essential amino acids: leucine, [...]

Jan 03

Short on Time? Learn How to Get Swole Fast

What’s the fastest way to get swole? Isn’t that perfect physique everyone’s goal? After all, if it came in a bottle or a pill, everyone would have the perfect hypertrophy. However, there are some mass-gaining programs that can give you [...]

Dec 27

How to Build a Super Chiseled Chest Striation

Developing a huge chest can really define you as a bodybuilder. Big arms and toned abs will impress the ladies, but a gorilla chest not only makes you look like a superhero and boosts your body image, it also helps [...]

Dec 20

The Showdown – Soy Protein vs Whey Protein

With thousands of protein powders on the market, it can be hard to know which one you should choose. Whey protein is considered the gold standard of protein supplements by most. However, there is new research on the efficacy of [...]

Dec 13

Smart Technology Personal Trainers – The Future of Fitness

Wearable tech, or wearables as they are often called, are changing the fitness industry in ways very few could have imagined even five years ago. Almost everyone is familiar with Fitbit-type trackers that count your steps, activities, and even calories. [...]

Nov 30

Fat Burners’ Side Effects – 5 Things to Avoid Doing

There’s no question that putting in gym time is the best way to get swole, but sometimes you need a little help shedding weight for a competition or special event. That’s when you will probably start thinking about a fat [...]

Nov 21

The Flawless Beginner’s Bodyweight Workout Guide

So, you want to start strength training and you think a beginner’s bodyweight workout is a good place to start. Well, you are not far off the mark. However, there are some basic principles you should understand before you begin. [...]

Nov 17

Easy Ways to Bust Through Your Exercise Plateau

When you find yourself at an exercise plateau it is easy to get discouraged. There are many things you could be doing that can impact your goals: your program, the amount of time you spend in the gym, your recovery, [...]

Nov 11

The Ultimate Hotel Room Workout to Keep You on Track

Sometimes, if you are traveling or on vacation, you just don’t have the time and equipment you need to train. But you may not want to forgo your training completely. Here is a high-intensity hotel workout that will help you [...]