thermogenic energy

  • supports appetite control*
  • improves focus & drive*
  • promotes weight loss*
  • increases energy*


size:60 capsules

Product Description

what is turbo shred™ ?

Introducing the new and improved TURBO SHRED™ by SWOLE® Sports Nutrition. Our powerful new and improved thermogenic fat burner complex has been developed to support and accelerate your weight-loss efforts.* SWOLE® Sports Nutrition’s proprietary formula is designed to help increase energy and alertness, enhance mood and mental focus, and help promote appetite regulation.*

Will TURBO SHRED™ give me the added push I need to shred fat?

Whether you are a skilled athlete or just starting your workout regimen, TURBO SHRED™ may provide that extra push that your sports nutrition diet needs.* It helps intensify your training and yield faster results for shredding fat.* If you have reached a plateau and are looking for something to rejuvenate yourself – TURBO SHRED™ delivers!*

What are some highlights of TURBO SHRED™ ?

TURBO SHRED™ contains effective ingredients such as Green Tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Theobromine for increased energy; Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa) and Tyrosine for enhanced mood and mental focus; and Advantra Z® (citrus aurantium extract powder 30% Synephrine), Evodiamine, and both Dandelion and Horsetail Extracts for appetite control and accelerated weight loss. Overall, TURBO SHRED™ packs a powerful punch that helps you achieve your sports nutrition goals.*