Feb 24

The Perfect Decline Crunch Exercise for Washboard Abs

Decline crunches are one of the best exercises for creating washboard abs. A decline crunch works the abdominal muscles and the hip flexors, making it a great exercise for strengthening your abs and building definition. It works the six pack [...]

Feb 20

Does Cardio Kill Gains?

We’ve all seen them. You know, the people in the gym who spend 45 minutes or more on the elliptical. They never change their routine or their physique. These are the poster children for steady-state cardio gone wrong. This begs [...]

Feb 13

Unrivaled Static Exercises to Sculpt Your Body

Practicing static exercises is a great way to improve strength, stamina, and control. Static workouts have a place in bodybuilding and are gaining popularity in the fitness world because of their flexibility and easy approach. What Are Static Exercises? A [...]

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Feb 06

The Showdown: Push-Ups vs Bench Press

The quintessential showdown between the two classic – and most popular – ways to work your chest muscles has yielded some interesting results. If you are wondering if push-ups can build muscle and upper body strength and whether or not [...]

Jan 27

The Optimum Aesthetic Workout for an Ideal Physique

Some say all bodybuilding is about aesthetics. Some say if you are just lifting to get big and don’t care about the proportions of your different body parts, then that’s not aesthetic. Here’s a look at what aesthetic fitness is [...]


Jan 24

The Ultimate Endomorph Workout – Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Different body types need different diet plans and training methods to achieve their goals. Hard gainers often get a lot of attention and many view easy gainers with jealousy. However, just because you gain easily, doesn’t mean what you are [...]


Jan 19

SWOLEhistory – The History of the Bench Press

The bench press is probably one of the simplest and most effective exercises you can do, especially if you want to build a super chiseled chest striation. It is the best exercise for the upper body if you value improved [...]

Jan 16

Does it Help? – Drinking BCAAs During Workouts

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) have become popular because of their well-documented ability to increase muscle size. In fact, BCAAs and workouts seem to hand-in-hand. But BCAAs benefits go well beyond muscle growth. BCAAs consist of three essential amino acids: leucine, [...]

Jan 03

Short on Time? Learn How to Get Swole Fast

What’s the fastest way to get swole? Isn’t that perfect physique everyone’s goal? After all, if it came in a bottle or a pill, everyone would have the perfect hypertrophy. However, there are some mass-gaining programs that can give you [...]

Dec 27

How to Build a Super Chiseled Chest Striation

Developing a huge chest can really define you as a bodybuilder. Big arms and toned abs will impress the ladies, but a gorilla chest not only makes you look like a superhero and boosts your body image, it also helps [...]